Awards and Media

Media Representation :

1. Metastory

As world of Education in India revolving on fast pace, The Fortune Academy brings ample opportunities to achieve success in different domains as per your education and passion. TFA provides lot of variations in courses with No Age Bar Policies along with achieve success start today motto. You can reach out to our success journey here.

2. SugerMint

The Fortune Academy keeps revolving it’s journey towards education and technology timely. TFA dedicated to bridging the gap in education and professional development through different unlike courses are nothing short of inspiring. Mr. Darshil Shah unwavering commitment to nurturing the potential of students and professionals alike is evident in the success stories that have emerged from his coaching programs.


3. Everyday Newday

The Fortune Academy, under the leadership of Darshil Shah, is transforming the landscape of education in India. Its innovative approach to learning, combined with its diverse course offerings and commitment to student success, sets it apart in the ed-tech space. As we look to the future, we can expect The Fortune Academy to continue to inspire and empower learners across all stages of life.

Award Recognition :

1. Entrepreneur, Business, Design and Startup Awards 2023

TFA marks its presence on National Level after achieving 2023 Excellence Award after nominated in “Trusted & Futuristic Training, Skill Development & Educational Academy of the Year 2023” in Gujarat, India this year.

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